Malta Marathon 2023

The Malta Marathon is a truly unique race since it is organized on a tiny Mediterranean island that is only 27 kilometres (17 miles) long and 14 kilometres (9 miles) wide. The Malta Half Marathon and the full distance have predominantly downhill courses with a drop of 200 meters from start to finish. A great choice for your first marathon or an attempt at a new personal best. What is even more exciting the routes of both distances are packed with great views of this famous tourist destination. The home of Malta Marathon is steeped in culture and heritage due to its 7000 years of history.
The event will take place date is the 26th of February and the start location of the full marathon which starts at 0730 is from outside the bastions of Malta’s old capital Mdina.

Official closing date for race applications: 15th February 2023

Application Fees: Marathon, Half Marathon and ‘Endo’ Walkathon
€45.00 for applications & fees received by the 31st December 2022.
€50.00 for applications & fees received from the 1st of January to the 15th of January 2023.
€55.00 for applications & fees received after the 15th of January, if places available and application accepted.

Time limits:
There is a strict time limit for the Marathon of 5 hours. There will be no traffic management, marshals or other services beyond times that do not schedule participants to finish within the time limits.
As a guideline participants of the Marathon not reaching the 15th km by 08:45, the 21st km by 09:30, the 32nd km by 1045, the 35th km by 11:15 or the 38th km by 11:30 will have to retire. Those who do not retire take full responsibility of their actions. We still urge anyone not wanting to retire (although not advisable) to continue on pavements wherever possible.

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